Thursday, June 9, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Own or Borrow?

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading.  This week's question is: All things being equal (money, space, etc), would you rather own copies of the books you read? Or borrow them?

Hands down, I'd rather own.  I'm a collector and I've read most of my books at least twice.  There have been occasions when a random snippet of a conversation will remind me of a scene in a book and I'll dig it out just to reread that scene.  I like borrowing books by authors I haven't read before to see if I like their work.  If I do, I'll search out their books to buy. 

As much as I enjoy the library, there's just no substitute for owning books.

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  1. I feel the same way :)

  2. I’m a big re-reader so I like to own my books.

  3. Hi, stopping by from the Hop. I'm a big fan of Orson Scott Card as well.

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  4. If money was no problem, AND I had the space for them, I would want to own physical copies. I like the way books look. Then again, I work in a library so I see books all the time!