Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In For Review: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June by Robin Benway

I requested and received an ARC (advance review copy) of The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June through a giveaway link in Shelf Awareness e-zine.  When my copy of The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June arrived in the mail, I experienced a moment of shock that segued into "Squeee!"  This is officially the first ARC I've received in my budding career as a review blogger.  Excited doesn't begin to describe my feelings.  This book officially hit shelves on August 3 but, as I mentioned in an earlier post, July was a bizarre and hectic month for me.  I'm still sorting things out. 

At any rate, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to review The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June.  What I didn't realize when I requested it is that the book is designed for Young Adult readers.  I guess that'll teach me to pay more attention when I'm madly clicking request links.  It's okay though.  I love to read and, like most mothers, I feel responsible for screening what my kids read or watch on television.  I'm happy to review YA books and give other busy moms the benefit of an impartial opinion. 

Let's see what happens.

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  1. You can read the final review here: http://www.themusereviews.com/2010/10/final-review-extraordinary-secrets-of.html

  2. This book is interesting or not ya? I do not like reading a book whose contents all standard languages.

  3. This book is looking very interesting and i love reading books.